How I became a developer? (Part1)


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How I became a developer? (Part1)

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Technology is one of the most popular aspects in almost every industry. As for software technology, they have been widely used for decades. I still remember the first computer that my dad bought me which requires you to install a bunch of different software and specifically only use the operating system ‘windows 95’ in order to function properly. Yeah, it was very old so you might not have heard of it and the performance is much slower than the smartphone people have nowadays, but it was pretty awesome back then.

For most children, including me, the most exciting part of computers is using them to play video games. We did have some programming classes in school, besides, who cannot be attracted by those fancy and interesting gaming experiences? Those games transport us to new realities and satisfy our needs for achievement and recognition. These are how I started to immerse myself in the digital world.

After I built my own PC (well… technically I assembled it), I discovered that building computers was way more fun than the games I was playing on them. There is always an end to the game, but this is not the case when building your PC, which has nearly endless outcomes. By the way, I was not talking about the open-world games like Minecraft, which had not come out yet back then or at least very few of them.

I started to do all kinds of research about computers and the principles behind them. So I assisted people in building their PC and even became their consultant to practice what I have learned. This process made me realise that I am very into tech and want to become tech-savvy.

Next part would be to tell you about the rest of the journey🚀.


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